The default PRNG in most statistical software (R, Python, Stata, etc.) is the Mersenne Twister algorithm MT19937, which is set out in Matsumoto and Nishimura (1998). This is a complicated algorithm, so it would be best to read the paper on it if you want to know how it works in detail.

Re: PRNG is not seeded, ssh problem on 11.23 Hi , I just downloaded and installed the "HP-UX Strong Random Number Generator" as per you comment and now sshd is starting at … Solved: ssh issue in 11.23 -- PRNG is not seeded - Hewlett PRNG is not seeded EXIT CODE: 255 . serverx root # ls -l /dev/urandom crw-r--r-- 1 root root 114 0x000001 May 6 2009 /dev/urandom. serverx root # ps -ef | grep -i ssh root 18726 9759 1 15:06:21 pts/tb 0:00 grep -i ssh serverx root # serverx root # uname -a HP-UX serverx B.11.23 U … FIX:- PRNG is not seeded - eITWebguru Oct 22, 2012 PRNG is not Seeded Solutions | Experts Exchange

I am trying to understand how the Fortuna PRNG should be seeded correctly for the first time. Let's assume that we do have a large-enough seed file available, but not any entropy sources during first boot. To my understanding, I would: initialize the PRNG (section 9.5.4) load the seed file (section 9.6.2) produce random numbers (section 9.5.5)

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Fix security issue where under certain conditions a client can complete a handshake with an unseeded PRNG. The conditions are: - Client is on a platform where the PRNG has not been seeded, and the user has not seeded manually - A protocol specific client method version has been used (i.e. not SSL_client_methodv23) - A ciphersuite is used that does not require additional random data from the

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