Thus far, 4.4 million people had received the special COVID-19 grant, which amounted to a total ofR2.2 billion. He said an additional R15 billion would be paid out to social grant recipients by

The Best and Fastest Public DNS Servers of 2020 Apr 26, 2020 What is Public DNS? - The Geek Daily These are called public DNS servers. These servers are used by people for faster and safer browsing. You can use these servers as an alternative to your private DNS servers.Some public DNS servers are. List of fastest Public DNS servers for gaming on PS4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One 1. Google Public DND.;; 2. ScrubIt Public DNS

All ISPs give you at least 2 DNS servers to use when you configure your router. However, I have simply been using the Google DNS servers. First, they are super easy to remember: (I personally put the alternate server first, as I feel like that one is going to have less traffic hitting it, and therefore will be more responsive.

The Best and Fastest Public DNS Servers of 2020 Apr 26, 2020

Mar 02, 2013

Google Public DNS IPv4 addresses: Google Public DNS IPv6 addresses: 2001:4860:4860::8888 2001:4860:4860::8844. This doesn't happen if you use Google's resolvers, as their network is always answering the right answer to each dns query is made against them. Cloudflare created the fastest public DNS beating Google