Disconnecting the drive will initiate the self-destructing mode. Low Battery Level-This option will self destruct the drive when its internal battery level falls below a certain level. GSM Starvation-This allows you to set a time limit via GSM service to self destruct the drive.

Self Destructing USB Drive Hardware question There is a very conceivable scenario in which a journalist gets picked up by the cops in country that doesn't value privacy. Self-destructing hard drives and destruction of evidence Suppose I'm engaged in shady things, and in order to protect myself from government prosecution I put a thermite charge in my computer and rig it so that if it ever gets moved it'll light up and fry my hard drive. A secure hard drive, or flash drive for that matter, is an oxymoron. The only way to secure your information is to use a virtual operating system that runs in memory and evaporates when you turn the power off, with any data that needs to be saved on external media that you can hide if you desire. Oct 02, 2014 · The 'Mission Impossible' hard drive: £1,000 drive SELF-DESTRUCTS on demand - and it is wiped using just a text message. There are three self-destructing drives available from Secure Drives Self-Destructing SSDs Will Nuke Themselves If You Text Them a Code Word. a GSM-equipped SSD drive that can remotely physically self-destruct guarantees the utmost of security and privacy.

The DataLocker DL3 hard drive is built with the most demanding data needs in mind and even features a self-destruct mode. This will activate automatically if a brute force attack is detected to wipe the data before a potential thief can gain access.

Use glass substrate hard drive platters. Install a pin with a compressed spring. If you need to self-destruct the drive, release the pin and shatter the platters (at 7200 or 10k RPM). Instant maracas! Mar 01, 2011 · If someone else hasn't already said, you don't need to write zeros. In fact, when you write zeros, if the drive doesn't think the block is reliable, your zeros might get written somewhere else. The drive itself, when a file is deleted, will then "garbage collect" and actually erase the data to prep the block for a faster write.

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Is it possible to write a self destruct program for the TL;DR While overheating is certainly a way to break hardware, modern systems will mostly prevent this or at least survive long enough to make this approach not work. Back in the days where Windows 98 was the most modern thing on the market, you mi Self-Destructing USB Stick - Slashdot Mar 30, 2010 RunCore Introduces Self-Destructable SSD - Slashdot