A no-way / no audio call is when you have a call between 2 phones (internal-internal or internal-external), and none of them can hear each other. How do I fix it? Before you start thinking about fixing that, you need to understand what is going on, how does it works, and what causes this problem.

Here is a full SIP trace obtained while calling from my cell phone (06611#####) to a SDA hosted by OVH (01850#####) and attached to my main OVH SIP line (00332309#####). The purpose of the dialplan is to transfer the call to an external line (09508#####). The call is actually transferred but there is no audio. Im not getting audio from WebRTC to WebRTC clients. I work in a LAN environment. Situation - Call from JSSIP to JSSIP (same client) with a standalone Asterisk server. Problem. There is no audio at all when doing a call from 6001(JSSIP) to 6002(JSSIP). After a while some RTP packets are getting send, but not received. Other causes for the missing audio issue are: A limitation issued by your provider: Your provider could be filtering or altering the network packets. It is possible to bypass the restrictions by using IAX, TCP/TLS, non standard ports or VPN tunnels, depending on the way of blocking. Any of these would require support on the server side. Asterisk definition is - the character used in printing or writing as a reference mark, as an indication of the omission of letters or words, to denote a hypothetical or unattested linguistic form, or for various arbitrary meanings. Aug 18, 2015 · I’m using Kamailio + Asterisk 13 (PJSIP), where Kamailio (using rtpengine) acts as the registrar and forwards all calls to Asterisk. This works fine when using udp / tcp and RTP. When switching to TLS/SRTP, the call is set up correctly, however, I get no audio. When I skip kamailio and connect my two endpoints to asterisk directly I Aug 21, 2016 · Asterisk is the #1 open source communications toolkit. Asterisk powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, and is used by SMBs, enterprises, call centers, carriers and governments worldwide.

So, I have latest Asterisk 13.2, latest Crome (with Firefox - same problem) and sip.js (also tried with sipml5) and local network - no nat or firewall. The problem: if call is answered immediately - everything works fine. But if there are some delay in answer (say, 10 seconds) - no audio in both directions.

the W52P Dect Phone got with outgoing calls no audio. The Called Person hear everything, but the caller (W52P) hear nothing. The other direction works fine. Attached the pcap File from an call to an softphone (PhonerLite). The VoIP Server is an local Asterisk 13.1 I hope, that anybody can help me Thanks

If one way audio still exists check to see if you have a public or private (192.168.1.xxx) IP address. Public IP- Call your VoIP provider. If you are getting one-way audio with a public IP address, there is an issue with the way the VoIP provider is handling the call.

However, Asterisk does not understand ADPCM WAV files. To convert your WAV files to a format which Asterisk can understand, use the following command: sox foo-in.wav -r 8000 -c 1 -s -w foo-out.wav resample -ql. Note that sox v14.3.0 and above (installed in Ubuntu 9.10), resample is no longer used, remix is used or leave it as: I see many instances of no sound issues discussed around the place, but most of them concern nat issues which I don't believe is my problem. Setup is: Pots line – Asterisk (IP04 appliance) – X-Lite softphone. The Asterisk box and PC running X-Lite are on the same subnet & switch. Jun 15, 2015 · One way audio is a common issue that we’re often called upon to troubleshoot. Frequently, the reason for the trouble falls under a couple of easy diagnoses.Here are some tips for identifying the most common reasons for one way audio, and how to fix them before they impact your ability to communicate with the outside world. Sep 07, 2019 · How to Resolve No Sound on Windows Computer. This wikiHow teaches you how to solve some common issues that result in no sound output on Windows computers. Keep in mind that your computer's issue might be too complicated to diagnose and fix